Handmade Marbled Envelopes, Gift Boxes and Card Stock

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Custom Suminigashi, Ebru, Water Paitings Envelopes, Gift Boxes and Card Stock
We fell in love with this art form. Ebru or suminigashi are also known as water painting. Ebru originating from Turkey and Suminigashi from Japan.
Hand made marbling
 Pigment is dripped/dipped/fanned across water (treated with carragenan to thicken it). It is then draw or rake into patterns with different tools. A sheet of paper is then laid on top of the pigment and lifted, picking up the pattern that was on the water. The paper (or fabric) is quickly rinsed and left to dry. Leaving us with these beautifully marbled papers.
OakPo Paper Co Custom marbling
We had so much marbled paper we thought we'd start making marbled envelopes, gift boxes and card covers in common sizes to share with everyone!
Handmade paper
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Hand Dyed Paper
handmade marbled envelope marbled envelope

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