Peony Pink Midi Card Kit - OakPo Paper Co.

Peony Pink Midi Card Kit

Ideal for easy customization. Get started on your DIY wedding invitation, card making projects, and paper crafts with our marbled card kits. 

About The Product

Each kit includes 1 Peony pink card cover with stardream finish.

LBS: 120lb cover

Collapsed Dimensions: 4-1/2'' X 6-1/4''

Open Dimensions: 9'' x 6-1/4"

Paper Color: peony pink


Also Includes:

Hand marbled insert card for event details and tag card.

Package Detail

Quantity: Pack of 5, 10 or 25

Package Weight: 




Because each card is hand made, designs on insert will differ. Contact us for information about customizing your own insert card color scheme!



Right Pocket:


The pocket can be used to hold additional event details, maps, directions, rsvp cards, reception cards, hotel & registry information, etc... 

 The paper to be placed inside the pocket is called the Pocket Insert. We would recommend having the Pocket Inserts cut to width 4-1/4'' and height 6" for a nice fit.