A7 Pocket Invitations style B (5 1/8 × 7 1/4) - Lagoon (25 Qty) | DIY Invitation Suites, Weddings, Announcements, Birthdays, Greeting Card, Party Invitations, Galas, Tri-fold, 120lb Cover

Ideal for easy customization. Get started on your DIY wedding invitation, card making projects, and paper crafts.


About the product

Trifold card cover with pocket. 

Fits any A7 envelope

Premium paper with stardream finish.

LBS: 120lb cover

Collapsed Dimensions: 5-1/8'' X 7-1/4''

Open Dimensions: 13 x 7 1/4"

Paper Color: Lagoon


Package Detail

Quantity: Pack of 25

Package Weight: 15.4 ounces




Right Pocket :


The pocket can be used to display additional event details, maps, directions, rsvp cards, reception cards, hotel & registry information, etc... The pocket is 5" x 7'', but due to construction of the pocket, the maximum width that can be placed inside the pocket is 4 3/4''.


The paper to be placed inside the pocket is called the Pocket Insert. We would recommend having the Pocket Inserts cut to width 4 3/4" and height 6 3/4" for a nice fit. The Pocket Inserts can then be trimmed to achieve a layered look.





Due to the style of the card, it is NOT compatible with most home printers. It is best to print on an insert and adhere to the middle flap or place inside the pocket on the right side. If you need printing directly on the card, please contact a local print shop.