Leather Yoga Mat Strap - OakPo Paper Co.
Leather Yoga Mat Strap - OakPo Paper Co.

Leather Yoga Mat Strap

This leather yoga mat strap is designed to provide an easy adjustable yoga sling with usability in mind. The snap buttons hold the yoga mat in place is a fully adjustable to accommodate different yoga mat thickness. It can also be used for a towel or blanket.

▸ 100% leather
▸ Strap length approx: 1.25" wide x 80" long

Further personalization available with debossing. Only font available right now for DEBOSSING is the one picture.

▸Character limit is 15.
▸Not over two same alphabets.
▸Please don't contain full stop, comma, etc. It will be set to space.
Example: personalized: J. T. M. [changed to] J T M
▸Personalized name will be debossing and sewing on the front, like listing picture.

Write the desired name in the "Add your personalization" box. We will send a proof to you first for review. Once approved, we will stamp your journal.

* Leather used for these pieces are recycled materials and may contain slight cosmetic imperfections such as scuffs or small scratches. We think it adds a bit of character to our pieces.

Handmade in Oakland, CA